The Dawn of Dawn Decanted

Hi!  I’m Dawn, and this is my first blog post. Woohoo! Let’s pop a cork!

After LOTS of help with the name from fabulous friends (so many great and funny ideas!), I decided on Dawn Decanted as I love wine and I sometimes enjoy pouring/airing my thoughts through writing. Plus I like alliteration and “Decanted” sounds damn classy, like me. Kidding.

So, what’s my blog about?

Well, let me start by saying that I turn 48 this year. I’m totally cool with it, despite the fine lines, the bloating, my shrinking pants, and all the other fun pre-menopausal symptoms, not to mention navigating twin hormonal teenage girls. That’s fun.

All in all, I’m a happy gal who loves to see others happy.

My blog will be happy for the most part and sometimes I may vent or share “my shit” with lots of sarcasm and also sincerity. My goal is to have a fun sense of humor while being authentic and relatable.

My motto is “Everyone has their shit.” By that, I mean no one has the perfect life, the perfect family, kids, job, etc. We are all doing our best, we all eff up, and we’ve all gone through things that suck. I’ve gone through some awful things and I’ve painfully watched loved ones go through some awful things. I don’t want to dwell on that stuff in my blog, but I may pull in some relevant things here and there. Mainly, I want to have fun and provide some fun for you.

I rely heavily on perspectives of my friends and I get some of my best advice from “therapy” sessions with them. We share (sometimes over share) just about everything. It’s great. I’ll share some of that stuff (things I can repeat).

If you are a product junkie like me, I have lots to share there, especially along my quest to find “clean” products for myself and my girls. Did someone say “sunblock”? I’ll be doing some light product reviews and recommendations along with sharing things like wines and music I’m into.

Laughter is essential to my survival, and I appreciate a great sense of humor. I have a rather sick sense of humor. I blame my mom and dad for passing that down to me. My dad passed a few years ago but his strong influence on my sense of humor lives on, as well as his strong influence on my musical tastes. Speaking of that, I felt compelled to create an Aretha inspired playlist in honor of the recently departed Queen of Soul. Feel free to add it to your library if you have Spotify (which you can get for free).

My mother. Oh, my mother. She’s the best. You’ll find fun quotes from her sprinkled in my blog. Get ready for that. She is hilarious and delightfully inappropriate (I shake my head a lot). I think I’ll call that part “Diann Uncorked” (thanks friends for that idea!), a.k.a. “Shit my moms says”.

Oh, and I’ll also feature stuff that annoys me or makes me laugh about my kids, my dogs, and my husband, who I affectionately refer to as “Boy Scout”.  He’s just so damn prepared for EVERYTHING and so damn rational and right all the time. Effer.

Anyway, thanks for reading and if you’d like to receive my occasional blog (I’m thinking once or twice a month), please sign up and please feel free to share with your friends!



9 thoughts on “The Dawn of Dawn Decanted”

  1. Oh NO – the pressure is on Diann/mom has to come up with some weird funny shit. Guess I will just have to let it flow, so cover your eyes. I think this blog will be such fun and will add a smile to everyone’s day. As for me I can not spell or punctuate so no need to correct me, Dawn will.

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